Tag it. Trace it.
Authenticate it.


What is Identem?

Identem is a traceability solution that serializes your item with a unique identifier, monitors the movement of your item along the supply chain and authenticates your products.


We tag your products using our unique digitally-identifiable serial code and captures the information on the item on Identem’s secure cloud-based platform.


With Identem’s cloud-based traceability platform, you can achieve a higher level of supply chain visibility, trace an item’s point of origin and track its movement along the supply chain. This allows your business to improve supply chain efficiency and compliance monitoring.


Consumers can use the Identem mobile application to authenticate products tagged with our unique identifier, which protects your brand against counterfeit good, gives your customers peace of mind and allows them to engage with your brand, gaining you valuable consumer insights.

Why Identem?


Identem provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for item identification, end-to-end traceability and product authentication.


With our mobile application, your customers are able to authenticate products. This gains your business consumer insights, track revenue flow and optimise growth.


Our smart labels protect consumer safety, enhance brand image and help prevent product counterfeiting through unique serial codes and anti-tampering labels.


We have a strong and dedicated technical support team on hand to help you to fully reap Identem’s benefits.


Our highly secure
cloud-based platform—integrable into various systems—includes built-in analytics and reporting functions with customisable reports to suit your needs.


Identem optimises traceability for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, including those in industries such as:


Pharmaceutical & Medical


Beauty & Personal Care

Food & Beverage

Fashion & Apparel


Luxury Goods

Printing & Documents

Government Institutions & Regulators

Identem is developed by PNMB InnoVentures, a subsidiary of Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad, which has been providing security printing and document authentication solutions for 130 years.


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